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Thanks for stopping by. We’re Gemma and Craig (Two Scots Abroad) from Scotland. We’ve just touched down after 17 months travelling around 16 countries! Although our career break to travel the Americas and Europe is over, the adventure has just begun! 

Next stops? Isle of Skye, Iceland, and Austria. 

Gemma, 31, Politics & Current Affairs Teacher, Sugar Addict

Ometepe, Nicaragua I Gemma Two Scots AbroadI’m the most ‘rational irrational’ person Craig has ever met. I like to make a plan, then I think of all the possible things that could go wrong with that plan. My biggest achievements are trekking 96 miles of the West Highland Way in Scotland, boarding down an active volcano in Nicaragua, and surviving three weeks in a tent, coast-to-coast America.

I’m a massive advocate for Scotland – she’s a beaut. I also enjoy planning outfits and strutting in said outfits. I can’t travel without my tweezers or my Macbook. One of my highlights of the trip so far – getting hitched in Austin, Texas!

Craig, 33, Superstar Tradesman, Music Addict

Joffre Lake I Canada I Craig Two Scots AbroadI’ve been chasing bikes and gigs around the world for most my twenties. I’m a big fan of the Moto GP (Barcelona, Valencia, Assen), every GP has a unique vibe and there’s always a good mix of friendly people. Out of all the festivals I’ve been, South by Southwest in Austin is hard to beat. I enjoyed everything the bars of Downtown Vancouver had to offer back in 2006 but returning to hike, bike and hit the slopes topped it! I can’t travel without Spotify, it changed my life. No highlights, we’re actually living the dream! Planning is overrated.

With an eclectic mix of countries (who counts?!) spanning five six continents under our money belts (including those in North America, South America, South East Asia, Europe and Cuba) it’s fair to say we’re not shy of travelling.

We love the outdoorsgigs/festivals, and are partial to a party (maybe not as hard as we used to now we are in our 30s!)

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