wo Scots Abroad Monthly Travel Round Up #2

Two Scots Abroad Monthly Travel Round Up #2

It’s time for Two Scots Abroad Monthly Travel Round Up #2. I kind of messed up the dates (hence why Craig is The Numbers), so it’s a week late, apologies!

Countries Visited: Two (Peru and Bolivia)
Flights: Nil (We’ve been relying on the bus! Bolivia Hop and local Bolivian buses)


We stayed over at our Granny in Cusco, Peru’s house for five days (jokes, she really wasn’t our Gran, it was Doris) which we organised through San Blas Spanish School). We’ve also had the best views of Cusco from Thomas Grill’s Mountain View room. On a negative note we had a fall out with a hostel in Sucre who were trying to rip us off but to balance that had fun reviewing four different hostels in La Paz, Bolivia. As well as our time in an Airbnb apartment in La Paz.

Total: £182.52

Two Scots Abroad Monthly Travel Round Up #2
Trips and Excursions

MRU #1 was created on day two of the Lares trek to Machu Picchu so since then, we have made it to one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. We also attended school to work on our Spanish as well as practising it during a homestay on Island Taquile near Puno, Peru. In Bolivia we took a one day tour of the magical Salt Flats and also a terrible walking tour which bumped us £6 each (again from the hostel who were trying to rip us off in Sucre). We had a hilarious day out at the Cholitah Wrestling in El Alto, Bolivia. Oh and a tour of a micro brewery in La Paz!

Total: 412.00

wo Scots Abroad Monthly Travel Round Up #2


I took advantage of living on the same street as a creperie in Cusco, Peru. I miss the Nutella and mango crepes! We had an outstanding culinary experience in La Paz, Bolivia dining at four of The Four Corner’s restaurants. Always the sweet tooth, I lapped up the fruit and chocolate fondue. We also enjoyed having a kitchen in our Airbnb apartment in the suburbs of La Paz. Going to the local shopping centre was an eye opener.

Total: £469.00

Two Scots Abroad Monthly Travel Round Up #2


This month has been pretty quiet for the party scene. We’ve grabbed a beer here and there but no massive blow outs barring one night out at Mythology in Cusco, Peru and another at Wild Rover in La Paz where we managed to fit in two hours of drinking and judging.

Total: £77 (almost teetotal)

Two Scots Abroad Monthly Travel Round Up #2

Luxuries / Toiletries

It was so cold in Cusco and we were told that is would be even colder in Bolivia so we shelled out for ‘North Face’ coats (available in abundance in Cusco). They have come in handy (as pillows) though Bolivia wasn’t as cold as everyone made out.

Total: £60.66

wo Scots Abroad Monthly Travel Round Up #2


Here is the list of the companies we have worked with over the past month. Two Scots Abroad is growing and it’s all down to you lovely readers, thank you.

San Blas Spanish School – discount
Casa de la Gringa, Cusco – one night stay
Thomas Grill, Cusco – discount
Inka Rest, Puno – two night stay
Wild Rover, La Paz – one night stay
Casa de Los Andes, La Paz – two night stay
Estrella Andes, La Paz – two night stay
The Adventure Brew Hostel – one night stay
Bolivia Hop
Four Corners Restaurants

Overall: £1201.18

Next ‘month’ (in three weeks time) will cover Colombia then we head to Cuba so may be limited in WiFi! I might just have to take a three week holiday from blogging (argh!)

Craig thinks a guide on how much we spent in each country would be more useful, thoughts?

24 thoughts on “Two Scots Abroad Monthly Travel Round Up #2

  1. Carol Colborn

    I would love to see a summary of how much spent, how much saved over what period of time in what places. Thanks lots!!!

  2. Lieurene Tran

    In comparison to the first one, you definitely have saved alot! That’s great that you guys saved a lot on transportation and accommodations (aside from that one hostel who tried to rip you off).

  3. Meg Jerrard

    I love these budget roundups you do – it’s so helpful to budget when traveling to the same destinations ourselves 🙂 Sounds like you had a pretty fab month – here’s to an even better one to come!

  4. Karina

    I love the format of this article. Really concise, but provides all the information one needs to attempt this trip for themselves. Well done!

  5. Serendipity Tess

    Awesome round-up! I started doing these aswell and have become my favourite posts to write – it’s lovely to sum up what you have experienced 🙂 When it comes to spending money – we regularly end up spending more than anticipated LOL.


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