Restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia

We were told to not hold out much hope of tasty food in La Paz. ‘Enjoy the bread and potatoes (and expect Delhi belly) was pretty much the theme from travelling friends who we met at the border between Peru and Bolivia. We’re here to break that stereotype and discuss our reviews of restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia

Restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia
Olivers Travels 

We actually ate here three times! Twice as paying customers and once as guests of Carlos, the very particular looking manager (straight off the set of Bugsy Malone). Initially I was ashamed that we were choosing to go to an ‘English’ bar found on Tripadvisor but I later found out it that it calls itself a ‘fake English bar’ which is owned by an American, managed by a Mexican, most of the staff are French, and we’re all about diversity! The bar itself is very tongue in cheek, even the menu is good-humoured (it shoots down men who try to order a milkshake after 14:00).

Restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia

Our first meal was a lunch of fish and chip baguette (46 bs / £4.25) and spicy Lincolnshire sausage baguette (38 bs / £3.51). We also indulged in a homemade strawberry milkshake (it was 13:50 so Craig was safe). I also had my first cup of Tetley’s tea in seven weeks. Praise be!

Restaurants in La Paz,

Our second meal was breakfast. ‘Oli’s’ is the meeting point for Death Road cycle company, Gravity. The bar puts on a special breakfast menu for riders. I went for the porridge with cinnamon, banana and raisins (best porridge I’ve ever had) and Craig had the eggs, bacon and toast (30bs each / £2.77). I had my second cup of Tetley’s.

Our third, a well-deserved fill after our Death Road ride. Home comforts were in demand, I went for bangers and mash (three homemade spicy Lincolnshire sausages) and Craig had the cottage pie. We washed this down with another pair of strawberry milkshakes and crashed a cocktail making class for dessert. Sergio, our ‘mixologist’ instructed us on how to create Bolivia’s national drink, Singani Sours. Rumour is, Olly’s is where the party is at with ex pats, travellers and locals alike and we are beginning to see why…

Restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia

Website: Oliver’s Travels
Address: Cochabamba, La Paz Zona 1, Bolivia
Contact: +591 2 2120764

The Steakhouse

Wow this place is nice. It’s dimly light with rustic decor. I love the tagline ‘A very rare Steakhouse well done’ and for the meatheads amongst us The Steakhouse challenges you to Man v Food. We witnessed a local win his ‘Being vegetarian is a big missed steak’ t-shirt! Before being wheelbarrowed out of the restaurant in a food coma.

Restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia

We were welcomed by the manager, Niels, with a tequila shot. Cleans the palette, right? It was difficult to make a decision on what to eat because the menu offered so much choice.

Restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia

We covered all bases and went for the Calvary Sword for two  (198 bs / £18.30) which was a platter of meats (llama, chicken in a gorgeous honey dressing, steak, baked potato, fries and our choice of two sauces. We opted for BBQ sauce and Spicy Supay Cocktail Sauce, out of interest. All “muy rico”!

Restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia

Website: The Steakhouse, La Paz
Address: Calle Tarija 243B
Contact: +591-2-2148864

The Melting Pot and Rock

A restaurant specialising in fondue, in La Paz, who would have thought it? Our friends Sophie and Kristian loved this place because of the cheese fondue. Craig and I panicked a bit as we are more connoisseurs of fake plastic cheese. However the menu is more than just melted cheese.

Restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia

We went for the rocks oil and bouillon fondue. We did say we had to cook more now we are in month two!

Melting Pot and Rock isn’t just dinner, it’s an experience. We had a laugh sizzling the chicken fondue and rocks for one (89 bs / £8.22) and the mixed pot (chicken, steak, pork, llama, prawns and more for one (124 bs / £11.46), cooking them on the hot stone and then choosing our condiments from the ‘sauce bar.’

Restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia

Regardless of not having a taste for Whisky, I took to the Grant’s Whisky Cocktail sauce and the sweet BBQ, naturally. Craig liked the spicy salsa. You also get a potato style side to compliment your meat. I had the rosti, and Craig the sautéed potatoes with onion and bacon. I was careful to not fill up on the carbs as I’d had a peek at the dessert menu….

Restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia

Mixed chocolate fondue with the fruit platter please. I was in heaven!

Craig is keen to go back to The Melting Rock and Pot to try to spicy meatball sandwich…Maybe next time we’re in La Paz!

Website: The Melting Rock and Pot
Address: Calle Tarija #229, Esquina Murillo
Contact: +591 78023102

Sol y Luna

Attracted to all things space related, Craig liked the name of this bar (Sun and Moon). It is situated directly underneath Oliver’s Travels and is a Dutch pub which does not solely offer food from Holland on the menu.

Restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia

We had a tough choice choosing between Roti from Surinam (52 bs / £4.80) and a stir-fry. It was a toss-up between the spicy dutch dish and the Hungarian goulash for Craig. The goulash won.

Restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia

There was also an attractive Tables Para Dos (mixed plate for two) for 56 – 65 bs / £5.17 – £6. The restaurant itself has a nice vibe to it. A soundtrack of ‘covers’ played soothingly as locals played pool downstairs in the basement area. Downstairs also has a TV for sports lovers. Upstairs there is extra seating for larger parties.

I was delighted to see White Russians (35 bs / £3.24) on the menu. I sampled the strong leche (milk) goodness, it was a Friday night after all. Craig went for his staple Cerveza (30 bs / £2.77), Huari style. This wasn’t my favourite of the four but it was nice to see locals playing pool in the basement. Not just for tourists!

Restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia

Website: Sol y Luna, La Paz
Address: Calle Murillo corner Calle Cochabamba
Contact: +591 2 2115323

Naturally, La Paz has lots of cheaper, local restaurants but if you are looking for something different, a bit of home comfort, or to feed that infamous La Paz party hangover, you can’t got wrong with these four restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia.

We’d like to thank the managers of Four Corners for keeping us full in La Paz. These opinions are our own, as always.

Have you dined in La Paz?

36 thoughts on “Restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia

  1. Sue

    looks like lots of delicious food here. I would have to say it was the chocolate fondue that really caught my eye. 🙂

      1. Mike Patton

        Oh wow. You’re a bunch of ** for the local tourist mob. You’ve actually managed to write enthusiastic ** on the 4 worst, overexpensive, over-nothingspecialatall-places in La Paz. Congrats again.

        There’s about a million better places to be found and tried in La Paz.

        1. Gemma I Two Scots Abroad

          Have you ever been hungover in La Paz? You can’t beat a bit of Oliver’s Travels in that situation. I’ve edited your post, hope you don’t mind but berating is less effective when you swear on a family friendly travel blog.

          Bring me the solution – not the problem, where’s your favourite places to eat in La Paz then? I mention a few more here. Thoughts?

  2. Carol Colborn

    They look delicious. So who said don’t eat there? My global mindset says, there’s good food everywhere!

  3. Dana

    These look like great places to eat. I’ll definitely keep them in mind when we finally make it to Bolivia.

  4. Laura Lynch

    Wow, that burger at the Steakhouse is insane. I can’t even imagine how one gets his mouth around that. Everything looks so good. I’m ready to go!

  5. Meg Jerrard

    Great list! We actually didn’t ever leave the hotel while we were in LaPaz – we splurged $80 a night for a beautiful apartment at the Ritz in the middle of the city for a week, and to have room service delivered every night came out to about $20 USD so we were in heaven! Never seen my money go further! Next time we visit though we’ll try to venture outside of the hotel room 🙂

  6. Elena

    And now I am hungry!! I have never been to La Paz but I love the diversity of these restaurants. (and I am a sucker for tongue-in-cheek-menus as well! I can see why you went back!)

  7. Kenny

    The sterotype is totally wrong. I am 2 years in La Paz and I love the food.
    Tasty ,cheap, organic, fresh…

    You missed other nice restaurants.
    Gusto for example, the chef once had the “best restaurant in the world” in Europe, then falled in love with La Paz and moved and opened gustu.
    Other nice restuarants are “Jardines de Asia” for top fusion food.
    Or if you are vegan or raw vegan/vegetarian. Red Monkey.
    A lot of nice places.

    Bolivian food is also awsome, I think that in a decade or two its going to be world famous. Imo better than mexican and other foods. But still really unknown.

  8. Alexis

    Hey two Scots abroad! Thank you very much for the very informative post! I am a Peruvian who now calls Australia home but I am coming back to South America for 2 months. I am coming back to Peru for a little less than two months (have you two been there before? If yes, hope you two had a good time there!). I am also going to Bolivia for a week for the very first time… Do you recommend any restaurant(s) where they serve actual Bolivian food? (or Bolivian influenced food?). The food provided by the recommended places to eat look delicious but I was hoping that Bolivian food is as good as my beloved Peruvian food? Cheers!

    1. TwoScotsAbroad

      We had a Bolivian breakfast take out on the street near the government building. Illampu Street has lots of restaurants on it from Bolivian fare to international cuisine! I’m very happy that you are finding our posts useful – have a great trip!

  9. Gringo in Bolivia

    The best restaurants are in Sopocachi and Zona Sur. The 4 corners is actually somewhat of a tourist trap. You’ll get much better value for money elsewhere. I do quite like Melting Pot though.

    Bolivia food itself is pretty bad, but La Paz does have plenty of good international restaurants.


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