Photo of the fortnight

Having a Ball, Bolivia – POTF #4

Hello from La Paz, Bolivia. We’ve already spent four days here but are back for another seven! We need time to get on with website and plan our next stops – Colombia and Cuba. The photos you are about see are from Taquile Island, Peru; Death Road, La Paz (Bolivia); The Slat Flats Tours and Sucre.

The winner of Photo of the Fortnight #3 as voted by you lovely people is *drum roll* Photo 4 – The kids from the Lares Trek. The teachers have spoken.

Now for Photo of the Fortnight #4. We look forward to hearing from you and will announce the winner through Facebook (not with us on it yet? – ‘Like’ us here.)

Photo 1 – Amelia, the perro, sunning herself in Sucre, BoliviaPhoto of the fortnight
Photo 2 – Having fun at the Salt Flats, Bolivia
Photo of the fortnight
Photo 3 – Our homestay Dad contemplating life on Island TaquilePhoto of the fortnight

Photo 4 – Craig on Death Road
Photo of the fortnight

Photo 5 – Group photo on the Salt Flats at sunset
Photo of the fortnight

Photo 6 – Gemma checks out the Dinosaur footprints at Cal Orck’o cliff, Sucre
Photo of the fortnight

Remember to tell us your choice and why in the comments below!

25 thoughts on “Having a Ball, Bolivia – POTF #4

  1. Carol Colborn

    I vote for the dinosaur footprints. Never seen them before. But all the others are fantastic,too!

    1. TwoScotsAbroad

      It was new to me Carol, there is a trek you can do where there are prints also which would have been interesting. Not sure there is anywhere else in the world like this but I am probably mistaken!

  2. April

    I absolutely love your photos (particularly the Pringles one). The Salt Flats are on my bucket list but these photos made me sad I am not there RIGHT NOW! Great work.

  3. Lieurene Tran

    Love all the pictures! My favorite would be Photo #5, it is just more fun when you come up with creative poses with the group. I can’t wait to visit Bolivia and Peru when I have a chance

  4. Kate

    This is tough. I like a few of those photos; Salt Flats and Death Road, but the winner has to be Dinosaur Footprints. Great photo!

  5. Alli

    Photo two is awesome! I think I would have so much fun there as well. I’d spend hours getting into different poses like that 🙂


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