Overheard Whilst Travelling Casano-ta

Overheard Whilst Travelling – Casano-ta!

I’m seriously in stitches at this month’s Overheard Whilst Travelling – sitting, sweating in the 32 degrees heat of Nicaragua and thinking of home, where all of those Scottish people are eating copious amounts of our favourite food, porridge. Our number one meal according to these two casanovas which Kirstin from the tinberry travels overheard whilst they tried to sweet talk two German lovelies… I really hope the girls said no – ta, I’ll pass, but maybe not by the looks of things.

Setting: Hostel Social Area

In 2011, after a few months of travelling solo around Australia, my lovely other half joined me for a few weeks. We had been doing a bit of a tour around different places in Australia then found ourselves staying in a central hostel in Adelaide.

Dinner times in the hostel was a social affair, one night we were lucky enough to witness a very awkward attempt at flirting between two English boys and two German girls, which still amuses us to this day.

From the initial conversation, it would appear that the trio had not met before and things seemed to be going well for the English lads until the chat turned to what to do with the leftovers from their meals.

Leftovers: Bin or Reuse?

English Boys: You’re not going to bin that rice are you?

German Girls: Why?

English Boys: You can save it and use it for something else. Scottish people do.

German Girls: Really?

English Boys: They boil it up again and make porridge with it.

German Girls: (rather sceptically) Is that how you make porridge?

English Boys: Totally they make that stuff all the time, it’s like their favourite meal.

Porridge Overheard Whilst Travelling


We’re Scots so overhearing such an odd confusion between, I assume, creamed rice and porridge we couldn’t help but chuckle but the best part was that the Germans clearly knew better but were now invested in these boys as their evening entertainment so were not giving up on them just yet. They politely agreed to “maybe give that a try” before binning their remaining rice as soon as the boys turned their backs. A quick wash up from the girls who returned to the table and swiftly changed topic away from food. After a while the flirting seemed to take a little step up as the girls described what they liked in a guy. All was looking good as the earlier faux pas seemed forgotten, that is until the girls struggled to find the English word they were searching for…


German Girls: I love when guys have those little things on their face when they smile…those marks… [SMILING] … the little pits here when they are happy

English Boys: Oh you mean pimples.

German Girls: Yes that must be it….no wait, is that what they are called?

English Boys: Pimples. Little kids get them when they are like mega cheesy smiling.

German Girls: Aren’t pimples like zits?

English Boys: No we just call them spots. Pimples are the little bits your face get when you smile, but like only some people get them.

German Girls: Oh right ok.

Oh dear we thought. Yet again the girls shared a look of “are these guys idiots” followed by some awkward chat and another change of topic.

I guess the conversation picked up eventually because later the whole group left together, either that or the girls decided they needed an alternative to chit chat…

Kirstin the tinberry travelsKirstin is part time traveller with a passion for exploring; whether it is solo adventures abroad or local day trips from her home in Scotland. In recent years Kirstin’s been to Iceland, Canada, and the US but previously spent a year in Australia and also lived on Jersey in the Channel Islands for a stint. With a passion for walking and hill climbing Kirstin is also the treehugger environmental type and so nature always plays a big part in all her adventures. You can find her travel stories, reviews of days out, and plenty of travel related nonsense over on the tinberry travels.
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21 thoughts on “Overheard Whilst Travelling – Casano-ta!

  1. Chris

    Ah, the perfect combination of all things travel.

    Meeting idiots and having things lost in translation 😉

    Of course the memorable folk generally outweigh the fools!

        1. TwoScotsAbroad

          Terrible eh? Scotland is nice but there is a big world out there! The Nicaraguans on Ometepe were pretty taken by all things Scottish this weekend- ‘skirts’ men wear, bagpipes and of course BRAVEHEART!

  2. Tracie Howe

    That is pretty hilarious! I especially like the part about the pimples. I hope the German girls really did know better… if not, I can imagine them unintentionally offending some cute, dimpled native English speaker in the future.


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