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Cheap flights from Scotland to USA? Then disaster hits.

Naturally we tried to save money so we booked early to get cheap flights from Scotland to USA. I just received the email you don’t want…

Cheap flights from Scotland to USA
During the summer, I spent two days labouring over the cheapest flights with shortest journey time to New Orleans (online and through companies – Flight Centre quoted us £690 per person with two stop overs), Craig waltzes in and finds one at £448 each. However, the cheapest is not the easiest. Or the safest.

Cheap Flights Scotland to … England

We fly from Edinburgh International Airport on Saturday 14th March 2015, short flight to London Heathrow (1 hour, 30 mins) with Virgin Atlantic at £39 each.

Cheap Flights England to New York

This is what we thought was the dodgiest by far! Though Skyscanner, for £331.50 each we reach JFK, NY in 9 hrs 20 mins with Kuwait Airways. I did a quick search on the airline and a couple of reviews mentioned TVs not working, seats not reclining but we weighed this up against the time and price and went for it. No double Baileys and double red wines for Craig post take off! Next, weirdly, I get an email from a company called Travel Trolley advising me that the flight is not booked yet *freak out* (third leg booked by this point) and that they required our passport details via email, which I was not comfortable doing. Slept on it and by the next morning I had an E Ticket. I called Kuwait Airways at Heathrow to check and they confirmed we were both on the list.

Internal Flights Jet Blue JFK to New Orleans

Jet Blue were offering flights for £77.03 each with the promising flight time of 2 hours 27 mins leaving at 21:10 and getting in to Louis Armstrong Airport at 23:37, taxi to this accommodation booked through AirBnB in Marigny near Bywater would cost approximately $33 but was the best option for that time of night. The plan would be to sleep and wake up in happnin’ NOLA!

Cheap flights from Scotland to USA
However plans change and there is no point getting highly strung about it as this will just be the start! Although this killed optimism:

Cheap flights from Scotland to USA

Computer says no.

Third Leg (revised) JFK to New Orleans

I emailed, Tweeted and then called customer reservations for Jet Blue on 18014492525. The first customer service advisor apologised about the schedule changed but advised me there was nothing they could do. I was transferred to a supervisor called Christie and she appeared genuinely sympathetic but reiterated there was no solution bar to move us on to the first flight on the 15th (6am) from JFK. I pushed for financial support for a hotel (as we will be paying for the NOLA house too) but no luck. Christie then offered us $50 each towards our next Jet Blue flight, annoyingly we have already booked our Austin to Lima (Peru) flight and this can not be refunded against it.

Really I wish I had read this useful post on how to save money through stopovers before we booked.

At least we will be in the city that never sleeps. Craig has never been to New York so a pizza in Times Square then back to Queens will be on the cards.

Cheap flights from Scotland to USA

One night in NYC – what do you recommend?

Cheap Flights from Scotland to USA Update

Over the moon it worked out this way, we were delayed getting to JFK so we would have missed the night flight to NOLA anyway.

We made it! You can read about our wild time in New Orleans here.


Have you been caught out by cheap flights?

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  1. Emma

    One night in NY. Never enough. If you don’t want too touristy I know some bars you can go to for laid back open mic night kinda vibes.


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